Superior Quality 6 Channel Hearing Aid RIGHT EAR


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Superior Quality 6 Channel S-16A RIGHT EAR For moderate to severe hearing loss

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S-16A CIC Digital Hearing Aid RIGHT EAR
  • Features:Multi-core Digital Bionic Technology
  • 6 channels & 8 Bands
  • 3 Memories
  • box
  • 16kHz Bandwidth Ultimate Compensation
  • 128-Band Adaptive Noise Reduction (9dB)
  • Built-in Audiometer
  • Innovative Open Fitting
  • "Super-quiet" Function
  • iLOG---Personalized Datalogging
  • The 3rd-Generation Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC)
  • FRONTWAVETM Directionality
  • Hyperfine ADM Adaptive Directional Microphone
  • Tiny in Size, Mighty in Power
  • Wind Noise Manager.
  • Memory Switch Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Telecoil Input(optional)
Technical Parameters:

box2 HFA-SSPL90: 99dBSPL
Peak Gain: 33dB
HFA Full-on Gain: 25dB
Frequency Range: 200-6000HZ
THD at
500HZ :0.8%
800HZ :0.4%
Eq.Input Noise Level: 23dBSPL
Battery Current Drain: 0.6mA
Attack Time: 6ms
Release Time: 22ms

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss person

Package Content:

1 x Hearing Aid
1 x Cleaning Brush
3 x Earplugs (Different Size)
1 x Instruction manual

Item Specifics:

Item Type: Ear Care
Material: ABS
Size: Mini
Model Number: S-16A
Hearing aid: For hearing loss
Color: Left is blue, right is red
CIC: Completely invisible in the ear
Battery size: A10
Warranty: 1 year
Feature: Clear sound
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