High Quality CIC Hearing Aid LEFT EAR


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High Quality CIC S-10A LEFT EAR Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

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S-10A CIC Digital Hearing Aid LEFT EAR Features:
  • 2 Fully Digital Channels
  • Fully Automatic Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)
  • Linear Amplification to WDRC Adjustablebox
  • Hyperfine 10-band Sound Control
  • Acoustic Feedback Suppression
  • Open DSP Platform and Optimum Target Gain Disp
  • Scientific Algorithm Fitting
  • HI-FI Signal Processing Technology
  • Two Independent Memories (external VC oprional)
  • Maximum Power Output(MPO) Control
  • Memory Switchand Low Battery Indicator
  • Low Battery Consumption
  • Super Power available for Mid to Profound hearing loss
  • "Telecom-easy" technology for phone Compatibility
  • Adaptive Noise Suppression
Technical Parameters: MAX-SSPL90: 112dBSPLbox2 HFA-SSPL90: 106dBSPL
Peak Gain: 43dB
Frequency Range: 200Hz~6000Hz
Harmonic Distortion: 500 Hz:1.6%
800Hz:1.0%, 1600Hz:0.3%
Equivalent Noise Input: 27dB
Working Current: 0.6mA
Compression rise time: 6ms
Compression recovery time: 16ms

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss
Package Content:

1 x Hearing Aid
1 x Cleaning Brush
3 x Earplugs (Different Size)
1 x Instruction manual

Item Specifics:

Item Type: Ear Care
Material: ABS
Size: Mini
Model Number: S-10A
CIC: Completely in ear
Battery size: Zinc air A10 , universal , easy to buy
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE&FDA&ISO13485
Equivalent Noise Input: : 27dB
Frequency Range: 200Hz-6000Hz
Volume control: Yes, use brush tool to adjust
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